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Shelly Fireman’s Redeye Grill has been a dining staple in midtown Manhattan for over 25 years.

Located directly across from Carnegie Hall, the Redeye Grill's name is derived from the infamous late-night flight linking America’s two cultural hubs: New York City and Los Angeles.

The Redeye Grill menu features such classics as our famous “dancing shrimp,” sushi burger, lobster cobb salad, and banana cream pie.

The Redeye Grill is also well-known for its colorful art, and owner Shelly Fireman has added eclectic, colorful works throughout the space, both from his personal collection as well as of his own design: Featuring floor-to-ceiling columns painted by celebrated artists, along with original Red Grooms artwork, the Redeye Grill provides diners a sophisticated, timeless, and comfortable atmosphere. The 88-foot mural by world-renowned artist Red Grooms remains as a tribute to his impact depicting modern life in America. A brand new sculptural duo of colorful illuminated candy women confidently stand over each end of the giant paneled mirror bar on pedestals. And there are now two massive bronze sculptures, also of Fireman's own design and created in his hallmark "whimsical" style, which tower over the dining room at over twelve feet tall.

We look forward to welcoming you home to the Redeye Grill, the "Home of the Dancing Shrimp"!